Welcome to the Noble Mind Project, dedicated to carrying on the work of Br. Eugene Trzecieski. Br. Eugene spent almost six decades enlightening the minds and souls of thousands of students. His most cherished class was always his “Philosophy of Being” course, taken by 12th grade students. The technology that existed when Brother Eugene began teaching (his first class was 1950!) did not allow for mass distribution of his ideas. All of his notes and pamphlets were written using a typewriter and then copies were made for his students. Until now, this has prevented anyone who did not take the class from reading his beautiful works.

The Noble Mind Project was conceived at a Houston’s restaurant on Miracle Mile in late May 2010. As we were discussing some of his teachings from our class 5 years ago, we spontaneously decided to ask for a meeting. One meeting turned into two and then before we knew it we had spent a summer learning from a “living Emerson,” as we liked to call him.

It is with great joy that we are now working to digitize all of his works. Some are a more decidedly difficult read than others but all of them have changed us forever.

We hope you cherish them as much as we do. As Brother Eugene always says, “A mind made noble leads a noble life.

–        Nikolai De Leo and Andre Grillon